AERISC is a non-profit association founded in Brussels whose aim is to:

"Promote the awareness of safety concerns in the fields of entertainment, event, audiovisual, and particularly the circus arts"

AERISC operates in 3 sectors:

Information and Training


Technical Support

The AERISC’s resources and knowledge are acquired through practice missions and research campaigns carried out in the technical and teaching fields. This information is distributed through training sessions, public relations, partnerships, and the www.aerisc.com website.

Thanks to its position and expertise, AERISC is the natural partner for artists and technicians in the resource, information, and training sectors, as well as federations, schools, companies, and contractors in the fields of consultation, injury prevention, risk management, and equipments certification.

AERISC does not receive any public subsidies or sponsoring, its activities are entirely auto-financed.


A.E.R.I.S.C. ?

The "AERISC" name is the result of the contraction of the "Aerial” and "Risks" words, but it also means:

"European Association for the Research, Innovation, and Safety of the Circus Arts"


Download the AERISC brochure


AERISC is a member of APEMSAC "Association Pour l'Elaboration de Mécanismes de Soutien pour les Arts du Cirque" ( Association for a Support System to Circus Arts ), whose aim is to identify, legalise and prioritize the short, medium and long term improvement for Circus Arts concerning the creation, production, broadcasting, training and professional talks.




will keep you posted with the last Legal and Technical news,
you will find also a lot of Pictures and Videos.




















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